Saturday, April 9, 2016

Day 7- It's Saturday morning 8:30 our time and we are on the last leg of the journey. As we head out this morning we have 758 miles ahead of us!! GPS says about 11hr drive, please pray for safety as we get home to our family & friends. We will see Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee and home sweet North Carolina.  I know that the ones who are with us are road weary and are excited to get home. We heard some good news yesterday that one of the biggest towns we saturated called and wants to start a Bible study and talk to Bro Whittemore, Halleujah what a blessing. I'm looking forward to revival this week ahead and praying God will show himself mighty in our church. I love you all and see you on Sunday morning. Again we ask for safety on the way in!! Here's some of the pictures we took on yesterday!
Pastor Wayne

Friday, April 8, 2016

Day 6. Friday, April 8th.
Good Morning.  Its a cold 27 degrees with 17 mph winds and feels like 17  degrees. We have done it!! We have accomplished our Mission in South Dakota to visit 6 towns with no Gospel Witness and have knocked on over 1000 doors and provided the Truth to each one that would accept it. Thanks be to God for allowing us to be a Missionaries for Him. Yesterday we began our day by visiting Arlington, SD population 921 and then finished up our last town called Hetland, SD with population of 45.  Lord really helped as we walked about the streets. Brother Curtis and Brother Corky were able to give a mother, and her five children the gospel and a copy of God's word for the first time. What excitement they showed to have their very own personal bible.  Pastor Wayne and Nicole were able to witness to a man named John Leamons who was a former drug addict and who is dying with cancer. This precious man was very receptive to the gospel and knows he needs to be saved. We joined Brother Whitemore at Harvest Baptist last night in the mission conference service, and praise the Lord for the testimony that Brother Curtis was able to share.  Please help us pray for these dear souls that received the gospel this past week and pray for Bro Brian Coates as he continues with Project 35 to reach 6 more towns here in South Dakota next week. Please continue to pray for us as we travel today thru Minnesota into Illinois where we will be staying in Peru, Illinois tonight. Then on Saturday as we continue our trip back home to North Carolina.

Thursday, April 7, 2016

  Day 5-  Good Thursday to all. We are excited for all the things God has done for us & through us during yesterday. On Wednesday we saturated 3 more towns, Naples, Hazel, & Lake Norden. We gave out approximately 300  Powerpacks on yesterday and we attended service last night at brother Whittemore's church as he started he is Share A Thon and missions conference this year.  We had a wonderful message by (missionary) from Southeast Asia.  We are excited about what the day holds we have two big towns that we will saturate today we ask you for prayer, wisdom and boldness to share the gospel of Jesus Christ.  Thank you for all who called the radio station yesterday here in Watertown and made a pledge to help this great work here in South Dakota the pastors wife wanted to personally thank me for all the calls that we had on yesterday from the Pilgrims Way Baptist Church family.  They will be taking calls again today and Friday if you have not done encourage you to do so if the Lord leads you that way. You can find more information online at Harvest Baptist Church of South Dakota.  I appreciate Pastor Tommy Morrow for filling in last night and preaching the Word of God, I know you enjoyed it as well. Lord willing we will have our morning devotion this morning on Luke 14 and hit once again the "highways and hedges". We love you and Ms Ginger will post pictures soon, if you need me call and I'm praying for REVIVAL!!!
Pastor Wayne
Girls Singing at Harvest Baptist Church 
Pastor Lamar Whittemore  


Old School House built in 1904

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Day 4, Wednesday Greetings in Jesus name we are thankful for good day only yesterday we saturated the gospel in one town completely Henry, South Dakota we handed out over 200 Bibles and powerpacks.  We also visited brother Whittemore's church here in Watertown and seen how he operates the radio station 89.1 the truth please log on today to that radio station as they'll be having Share A Thon on the rest of the week.   Also yesterday news came to us that the building in De Smet South Dakota the asking price of 40,000 has been raised.  So we went to that building and met with the owner who let us in and we were able to have a service there last night myself, brother Coates, brother Keith, brother Corky, brother Jack, brother Curtis, all preached the gospel in that little church that one day will be one of our brothers or sisters in Christ!!!  Glory to God hallelujah!!  We even had about 15 minutes to go knock on doors there in dismay it and invite folks to church and thank God we had one visitor show up with only a 15 minute notice God is good there was a sweet spirit in that place last night and I cannot wait to see what God is going to do.  Today will be a busy day we will saturate three towns completely eating lunch on the road it out of the trunk of the van will be nonstop until service time tonight there at the harvest Baptist Church in Watertown.  Please pray for us that God would strengthen us for the journey they are some weary bones but revive spirits in our mission team and we give God all the glory and honor.  I encourage you to be in the house of the Lord tonight pastor brother Tommy Morrow will be preaching there at the Pilgrims Way, Baptist Church 7 o'clock so please be in your place and pray for the mission team and revival.  May the Lord bless you and keep you today we look forward to the day and what it may bring forth.   Thanks to Ginger Turner who is uploading the pictures for us while we are here.
Compelling them to come,
Pastor Wayne

Church in Des Met, SC that's up for sale! We had service there last night!

Preacher Wayne and Elijah knocking on doors in Henry SD
Kailey and Savannah
Bro. Keith Russell

Lots and lots of KJV Bibles!!!!

Bro. Corky Hudson

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Good morning everyone and all I can say is GOD IS GOOD!!! It's currently 37 degrees with a sustained winds of 20+ say the least its cold!! We arrived here last night at midnight and had a good nights rest. Lord willing we will be going out knocking on doors sometime after lunch when Bro Coates gets in. I'm so thankful for safe travel over the last 1300 miles. Please pray for us and that God would season our speech with salt & give us boldness today.  The camp we're staying at is real nice & comfortable. We love y'all and I'll post pics soon.  God Bless you and I miss you already.  Pastor Wayne

This is Harvest Baptist, Bro. Lamar Whittemore's church that we are working out of. He has a radio share a thon that starts tomorrow.

Monday, April 4, 2016

 Good morning to all we are in Fairview Heights Illinois we stopped here around 1 AM Rutherfordton time & midnight central time we were on the road all day yesterday and we praise God for safe travel this far we have had no issues.  We are leaving the hotel this morning at 8 AM 9 AM your time headed for another 10 Hour drive today into Watertown South Dakota.  I thank the Lord for preacher Frank Ensley preaching for us last night in the service I'm glad my anchor holds .  I want to encourage you to continue to pray for us as we have another long day ahead of us Lord willing this morning will see the Gateway arch there in St. Louis first thing this morning as we drive north into Nebraska and then into South Dakota.  We love you all and encourage others to log on and read the blog as we updated each day. We  Love you and God bless you and we miss you already.   By the way please pray for patients today as we spend the day on the road gotta love that. Pray for us as we witness for JESUS!!  I'll update often as I can, keep logging on!!
Love y'all,
Preacher WS

Our Mission Team

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Day 8 & Final Day of Isreal Tour
Today was our final day of this awesome trip to the little nation of Israel. I have been looking for this day all week! Our first stop was to the Old City again and to the pool of Bethesda. Here we enjoyed getting the opportunity to sing in the church there on the grounds, we sang Holy, Holy, Holy, God seemed to sweep through there a early touch from the Holy Ghost. It seemed to set the stage for the day. As we got to the actual pools themselves, God took me back to the very first message I ever preached, it was on the lame man by the pool out of John 5, on "What are you waiting on?" Wow what a blessing this place was to me. Our second stop was to the western wall of the Old City here is where most of the wall is still in tack from all these years. Here is where all the "religious people" go to have prayer time each day as they face this wall. They believe that God's presence is still there. But I am thankful that God's presence is everywhere for the power of the Holy Ghost. It is a idol to many, but something to see for me.  After lunch we made our way to Calvary, here is where business picked up!! We entered the garden tomb area where they believed to be the place where Christ was crucified, the actual place of the skull, Golgotha. As we looked upon hillside I was reminded of that old song thanks to Calvary I am not the man I used to be, But for the Blood, and Bought by the Blood. Lastly the old hymn that starts out..."On a hill far away stood an old rugged cross the emblem of suffering and shame," thank you Jesus for bearing my cross and paying the debt of sin that I owed! I'm glad the story does not in there, for our next stop was right over the hill to the empty tomb! The stone was rolled back because up from the grave He arose, GLORY TO HIS NAME!!! Here brother David Woods preached the gospel message that attracted the crowds from other groups even after being warned to quieten down, you can't be quiet about serving a risen Savior, Amen! After the preaching we sang a song, and then Dr. Lockee led us in a communion service. We cried, shouted, and worshipped God there in that special place. Friends and church family that itself was worth the trip!!
Oh what a Saviour is mine. Well dear friends that concluded our tour of Israel, we had supper and just got finished packing our things. I will rest for about an hour, the prepare to leave hotel around 1am my time. I will update you on flight info when we get to airport. Please pray for our safe travel, it's going to be a long 18hr flight day...!! Love ya and see you soon...Pastor Wayne

Pool of Bethesda - John 5

The Western Wall - the only remaining part of the original Old City Wall

The place of the skull....Calvary!!!!

The EMPTY Tomb!!!! GLORY!!!!!!